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What is Crabtree Grow

Custom Print and digital solutions for the classroom library.

675 Titles

Ebook Library

Books in both fiction and nonfiction formats, tailored to specific grade levels, offer wonderful opportunities for independent reading. Fiction books provide imaginative stories, diverse characters, and engaging plots that captivate young readers. They encourage independent thinking, creativity, and a love for storytelling. Nonfiction books offer informative content, factual knowledge, and real-world examples that expand children's understanding of the world around them. These books provide opportunities for independent research, critical thinking, and the exploration of various subjects.

With interactive features such as highlighting and note-taking, these books empower students to engage actively with the text and enhance their reading comprehension. By offering grade-level books for independent reading, children can explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and develop essential reading skills at their own pace. These books feature simple text with each picture to aid comprehension and help children “Learn to Read” with confidence. Every book includes a list of questions to help caregivers guide young readers. Words to know and sight words are also included in each book.

1000 Notes

Teacher Notes

Our Teacher Notes provide comprehensive support for teachers including before, during, and after reading activities, including Students with Disabilities (SWD) and English language learners (ELL)/English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). These teacher notes offer valuable guidance for educators to enhance the reading experience and promote meaningful comprehension. Before reading, the notes  include pre-reading activities that activate prior knowledge or introduce relevant vocabulary. During reading, teachers can find prompts or questions to guide discussions and facilitate comprehension checks.

Writing support includes graphic organizers to encourage students to reflect on the text and express their thoughts. Overall, these teacher notes serve as a valuable resource to cater to the diverse needs of students, creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

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